Superior Guarding
Are you afraid about your property and precious collectibles? Fear not because we are here for you! We, the Lions Security, would love to be your guardian angels if you choose. Reach us and share your worries with us and we are ready to provide you With top-notch array of services to protect you from each and every type of dangers that is in existence.
100% Trusted Name
When it comes to the topic of ‘protection’, we are the name you should utter. 100% trusted and having numerous recommendations from our satisfied regular as well as short-term customers, we should be your choice without a second thought!
Protect your Family
Trust us when we say that we do understand how precious your family is to you, and how far you can go to provide them with safety and security and ensure their well-being. But from now on, your family’s safety is our responsibility. Take one less burden over your shoulders by appointing us as the protector of your family, and we promise that we will dedicate our day and night for their safety.
Providing Cost Effective
Security Solutions
We have highly trained staff available that implement security measures around any Retail, Commercial or Industrial Site.
Our well-trained and brave staffs and qualified and educated professionals would ensure your safety and secure you from any danger lingering around, as they have vowed to dedicate their life for you. But if you are afraid that we are going to drain your bank balance, then you are extremely wrong. Our services are affordable as well as reasonable and we swear by it that we would not draw a penny more from you. There are no hidden costs. Our services are widely popular for its transparency of money related circumstances.
Five-Plus Decades
in Business
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Qualified Security
We are Reliable &
Providing security solutions that makes your life easier
Industrial Purpose Security
We make sure no one can sabotage your industrial system and access without authorization. With us your industry remains safe and sound.
Commercial Complex Security
High-tech security for modern commercial properties will provide our clients with maximum support and safety.
Residence Society Security
Be it a gated community or a residential complex spread across huge area, we have the right solution to protect the residential zone from burglary or such crimes.
Hospital Security
We provide advanced security system for multi specialty hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and even diagnostic centres.
Hotels Security
Every hotel has separate need for protection details. We go a step further, providing every suitable solution for your hotels and resorts.
Celebrity Bouncer
We are into providing celebrity personal bouncer. With us you can only experience complete safety and ultimate protection.
Event Security
Every event has its own value and certain protocols. Our event security is always ahead to support you in the best possible way.
School/hostel/Institutional security
We provide security services to schools/institution and hostels to protect Students and maintain a safe environment.
Corporate Investigator
We are into complete corporate investigation to find out system flaws and the wrongdoing of the business. We ensure that your business runs smoothly.
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Providing security is a noble venture for us to assure the well-being of our customers and we are here just for that.
Low Cost Security
We aim to provide you with high standard protection and security services at a reasonable and affordable price.
Protect While You Prosper
Shrug off your worries and go out into the world to conquer it as we, Lions Security, will take care of everything that you have to leave behind.